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OPI - is the worlds most recognised leading manufacturer of professional hand, foot and nail care products.

  • It is Sold in over 103 countries worldwide
  • They Sell over 55,000,000 bottles of lacquer and treatment each year which is a testament to the success and demand for the range
  • It has a huge celebrity following all over the world
  • It is consistently awarded by the press and the beauty industry for quality and professionalism

Now join us to share the experience of OPI

Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System

For nearly 20 years, OPI has led the color revolution with OPI Nail Lacquer. Now, OPI leads the gel revolution with the new Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System. Polish it on like nail lacquer, then UV-cure for results that are nothing short of brilliant!

Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquers are easy to apply and self-leveling for smooth, flawless results.

Perfect for busy professional women, special occasions, and extended vacations - any occasion that demands long-lasting color. With simple between-service maintenance, an Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer service can last up to two weeks!

Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer and Soak-Off Gel Sealer soak off in as little as 15 minutes. Remove all three layers, including the Soak-Off Gel Base, completely in as little as 30 minutes.

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